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One of the difficulties of travelers is having in cash in a country where they are guests. Iran has been plagued by sanctions unto part of the US in connection with the world banking system. If you come to Iran for an amusement, medical services, merchandise and etc. to Iran, you probably encounter the problem of displacement of the money.

* Second, through Cryptocurrency like a Bitcoin bring your money to Iran and give you the equivalent of Rial. It is also possible to change your funds from Iran through this through your destination country.

None of the above mentioned cases, you should be have all your money in cash along with yourself, which is not an appropriate method for reasons of restriction in cash transfer and security issues.
Be at peak with us.

Debit Card advantages: 

Visiting Iran is rewarding, marvelous, exciting – Our goal for using this Debit card is make sure that you never get  frustrate: The Card offer something that has not been available to Iran visitors for the longest time – the safety and convenience of paying with a credit card. With this Card, your trip is exciting, and your money is safe.

It contributes to your ideal experience in Iran: Forget exchange headaches, forget security concerns, simply take your card and use it exactly like you use your cards at home. Because we want to make you feel at home.

Total flexibility: Make payments and withdraw cash everywhere in Iran.

No extra service fee: Using this Card does not cost you any additional fees.
Intelligibility and control:Receive a mobile notification for each transaction. Block your card with one click in case of loss or theft. No costs, particularly no hidden costs.

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What to Wear

The dress code in Iran is more relaxed that what you may imagine, but there are a few rules on how you would better choose your clothes when travelling there. On religious principles it's mandatory for women and men to cover their body more than usual dress codes of western countries. However, for tourists and foreigners the rules are not strictly observed and in the worst case scenario you might get a kind comment about your “Hijab”

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