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About Us

Whether you’re looking for a historic discovery or hoping to explore a unique culture in the Middle East, Iran Traveler Services offers the best of both worlds. A mix of modern and tradition, the vibrant beauty of Iran are really attractive, Iran Traveler Services provide  you with all services necessary for a Travel to Iran.

Iran Traveler Services is one of the best at assisting for customize your travel, to make sure you have unforgettable trip to Iran.

Also working with hotels all over Iran allowing us to offer our customers affordable rate even in high seasons. We can also suggest best options based of our experience and your request.


Our main focus here at Iran Traveler Services is to declaring Iran based on your time and plan. We will give you a suggestion and updated information about Iran. We are capable of  apply for your Iran Visa, book your necessary tickets, Iran hotels or any other services you may need for a memorable Iran Travel.


On other hand Iran Traveler Services is the medical tourism and healthcare service provider in Iran.

A team of skilled, experienced professionals, it focuses on medical tourism, tours and travel services for worldwide patients from across the world.

We are associated mainly with famous and important hospitals, clinics, specialists and doctors.

Selected hospitals and clinics are operating with the best infrastructure, up to date equipments, and supportive staffs, worldwide standards for the comfort of patients.

Our services are designed to:

  • Schedule your appointments in advance.
  • Booking for flight tickets
  • Car rental services


  • Hotel bookings
  •  Patient online services (quote and consultation)
  •  Planning the highest quality hospitals and clinics (for all treatments and budgets)
  •  Set up your appointments for doctors and surgeons
  • Airport pick-up, pre-operative check-ups, 24-hours assistance, accommodation arrangements (for patients and their families(

We seek to understand your prospect and give the best services to you. We look at your medical condition comprehensively and suggest a customized combine of hospitals, clinics, and top surgeons.

All Iran Traveler Services medical treatments’ costs are 40 to 200 percent cheaper than those in other countries.


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Why Iran


8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iran At Least Once in Your Lifetime

Iran has made a comeback on the travel scene in recent years, being listed as one of the hot spot destinations, and certainly with good reason. And although it may not rank as high with some travelers as it does with others, here’s our case for visiting Iran at least once in your lifetime. 



What to Wear

The dress code in Iran is more relaxed that what you may imagine, but there are a few rules on how you would better choose your clothes when travelling there. On religious principles it's mandatory for women and men to cover their body more than usual dress codes of western countries. However, for tourists and foreigners the rules are not strictly observed and in the worst case scenario you might get a kind comment about your “Hijab”

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