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If you are interested in traveling abroad, or are a tourist always on the go for visiting new places and ready for new experiences, or if you have been after a treatment procedure or a specific surgery for a long while and have started to look for different doctors or compare prices, you probably have come across the phrase “medical tourism.” Compared to other types of tourism, medical tourism is relatively new, and has attracted people’s attention all across the globe in recent years, as it may sometimes sound too good to be true. What Is Medical Tourism? Medical tourism is a type of tourism in which you travel to another country for medical consults, procedures, and surgical or non-surgical treatments. Medical tourism is often divided into two wide branches: Therapeutic and Cosmetic. Therapeutic medical tourism mainly focuses on treatments with the purpose of curing a specific condition or illness. However, cosmetic medical tourism which is becoming more popular every day, focuses on getting different types of surgical or non-surgical procedures for aesthetical purposes. Many different agencies or private companies in different countries provide medical tourism services and often fulfill all of your needs and requirements during the time of your stay. The medical treatments are often offered in different types of packages to the patients which include the cost of the procedure, hotel and transportation and can vary in price based on the type of the procedure and the type, quality and quantity of services. Why Medical Tourism? By now, you may have asked yourself this question: “Why should I travel such a long way to receive medical treatments?” The purpose behind medical tourism is quite simple and yet not as straightforward as you might think. There are many reasons behind a decision to travel abroad for receiving a certain type of medical treatment. These reasons are discussed in below: 1. Quality: The most crucial factor to consider when receiving any type of medical treatment is the quality of the provided services. World renowned and board certified doctors are not present in every country of the world and often specialists can be employed in less developed countries offering top-notch, high quality procedures to their patients. For this reason, it might be worth the travel, finding the best and most experienced doctor with the best results in the field. 2. Affordability and Expenses: Not always the most important factor, affordability is one of the main issues to consider carefully when it comes to healthcare and receiving medical treatments. Most surgeries or treatments can cost thousands of dollars in first world countries, and especially for cosmetic procedures, the cost is not always worth the result. That is when medical tourism comes to aid, as agencies around the world can offer the same procedure half the price or even less, due to currency differences. 3. Availability: The specific medical procedure you are seeking for might not always be available in your country, or the specialist needed for consultation is not always present. For instance, many complex, difficult and new types of surgeries and procedures are not yet available in many countries worldwide. Why Choose Iran for Medical Tourism? Iran has some of the best renowned doctors and specialists available who are professionally trained and are internationally certified in their field. With years and years of experience and flawless results, Iranian physicians are in demand by any patient who seeks the best quality of healthcare and medical services. For instance, some of the most popular plastic surgeons are currently working in Iran and the final results of their surgeries and procedures have caught the attention of many local and international patients. Their brilliant, accurate and high quality procedures have resulted in marvelous final result and satisfied patients. In addition, you can find many top notch hospitals and clinics in Iran which are equipped with the newest technological resources and modern equipment and have employed a specifically trained, professional and compassionate body of staff to cater to your every need. Furthermore, Iran can be a great spot to visit as a holiday trip with a rich culture, history and splendid nature. You can find dozens of tourist attractions and natural wonders in the cities of Shiraz, Mashhad, Isfahan and Tehran as the capital and we promise you, it is going to be a trip to remember. You can never run out of places to visit in Iran, and the people are incredibly friendly, welcoming and considerate towards tourists in their area here. You can get the most out of your travel by getting your medical consult and treatment in the beautiful, historical country of Iran. Last but not least, the price of medical care is an important factor to consider if you are choosing Iran as a destination for medical tourism. With same or better quality of healthcare, the total cost of travel and treatment is considerably lower than many first world or nearby countries. Compared to countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, England, Belgium, Iraq, UAE and other European and Middle Eastern countries, the cost of travel plus healthcare and surgical procedures are almost half or one third of the cost in mentioned countries. Why Iran Travelers Services? Iran Travelers Services is a private agency, offering tourist services to visitors from all around the globe. Amongst our services, we offer medical tourism to patients in need. Our medical tourism packages are one of our most demanding requests, as we offer some of the best prices, doctors, hotels and tourism services. We offer a vast but complete variety of medical procedures and our packages are suitable for different budgets. Our support system and utmost care for the customer makes us one of the best medical tourism agencies in Iran. We also have some of the best interpreters who can help you connect accurately and efficiently with whomever you meet during the time of your visit, as we believe communication is the key to receiving the best quality of care. We believe in helping our customers receive top-notch services and have a great experience from visiting Iran, as their precious experiences and travel stories can reflect on the global opinion of our growing country and have an impact on the publicity of our company. Your experience as a medical tourist or better said a patient will be our number one concern; you don’t have to spend your whole time in a hospital bed! Contact us to book your stay and schedule your visit as a medical tourist. 

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