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Are you fan of adventurous trip? Car rental in Iran might be an option for you. Iran is a four-season country with beautiful landscapes and you will lose part of this adventure on a plane. Car rental is available in most big cities where you can pick your preferred car from among a rather short list of available cars. Models are available in  wide-ranging; from an economy hatchback like Peugeot 206 to a luxury SUV like Toyota Land Cruiser.


Iran’s traffic is to some extent alike to many other Asian countries.

However it has some unique features; “Everyone seems to go their own way without taking anything else into account;” said a traveler “traffic outside of the big cities is pretty smooth and easily drivable.” While the crazy drivers might discourage you from renting a car, there is a bright side to this story. Driving gives you a freedom and comfort to discover less known parts of this enormous country. Navigation won’t be a big problem; you can get help from Google maps, Waze, and locals to find your destinations.

So here We are ; We can give you your favorite car with professional and trustworthy drivers. Having a appropriative and personal driver, in addition to the easement the trip can easily save you time. it's enough to announcement us the type of car and the duration of your desired in order to make arrangements for you.



You will see some of the existing  models below.


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Why Iran


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What to Wear

The dress code in Iran is more relaxed that what you may imagine, but there are a few rules on how you would better choose your clothes when travelling there. On religious principles it's mandatory for women and men to cover their body more than usual dress codes of western countries. However, for tourists and foreigners the rules are not strictly observed and in the worst case scenario you might get a kind comment about your “Hijab”

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